Event Locations for Rental

Public and customer events in an intimate framework!

Each year a whole set of public and customer events takes place in a more intimate atmosphere within the AIR FORCE CENTER in Dübendorf.

Take advantage of our special atmosphere, you will find nearby

• JU-AIR with its Ju-52 aircraft
• Ju-Hangar
• Lecture and Film Hall
• Event room
• Gallery
• Special exhibit level
• Restaurant "Holding" with its "Flüügerstübli"
• Souvenir shop

Ju-52 Airplane Hangar

Our „Harro Koebke Hall", named for its generous sponsor, has seen many kinds of affairs. It is exceptionally roomy and offers space for exhibits, catering with hundreds of people in flying outfits, and much more.

Lecture and Film Hall

Its large screen makes it suitable for films as well as presentations for about 50 people.

Event Room in the Museum

The technical installations were fully sponsored by Siemens. The room can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be transformed in a number of ways.

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