Museum Exhibits

The event site in Hall 2, as well as other various rooms on the AIR FORCE CENTER grounds, can be rented for all types of special events. We will gladly assist you in selecting the ideal location for your event.


... gives comprehensive insight into the history of the Swiss Air Force

Hall 1

Ground Floor

1900 - 1918 - Pioneer Days and World War I
• 1919 - 1939 - Interwar Period
• 1939 - 1950 - World War II and Beyond


First Floor

• Swiss Air Force Info Center
• P3 Simulator

Hall 2

• Helicopter and Training Aircraft
• Aircraft Weaponry
• Supersonic Aircraft as of 1966
• Jet Age as of 1949 



Exhibited in the newly built Swiss Air Force Hall are Swiss Army Flab Systems used during the Cold War period. Impressive are Flab's very first radar systems, systems used by the Mid-Size Flab Fire Unit, based on cannon caliber 35 mm and the further developed light Flab cannons with caliber 20 mm.

Hall 8 Walk-Through Collection

This collection shows the aircraft that had no room in the main exhibit? Also included are samples of munition, devices and equipment used by the Swiss Air Force.

Hall 8 Motor Collection

Included in this unique motor collection are more than 80 piston engines and over a dozen jet engines.

Hall 8 Simulator Center

Here visitors get a once in a lifetime chance to be a pilot. Realize the dream of flying without any risk, accompanied by an experienced flight trainer in our Mirage III and F/A 18 Simulator or in our P-3 and Boeing 737 simulator (please register in advance to use any of our simulators).

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