The air force troops have undergone decisive changes since their establishment in August 1914, with their organization and material constantly being modernized. The museum depicts this development in its exhibit while at the same time serving as a meeting place for families and friends of the air force troops.

1972-1978 The collection of technical and historically important objects is compiled by the AMF (Agency for Military Airfields).

Opening of the exhibit in the old hangars.

1979 Foundation of the Association of Friends of the Museum of Swiss Air Force Troops (VFMF) by Hans Giger, Director of the AMF. The collection continues to grow and valuable material no longer has room in the museum.
1985 / 1988 The VFMF (Association of Friends of the Museum of Swiss Air Force Troops) decides to build a new wing sponsored by private donors. Thanks to the foundation established by the VFMF for the Museum of Swiss Air Force Troops under its President and former member of the Swiss Executive Federal Council, Dr. Rudolf Friedrich, a large fund-raising drive was initiated which brought in the necessary funding to construct the building.
1987 The VFMF takes over the operation of the Museum from the Swiss Government.

Official opening of the museum extension by Executive Council Member Arnold Koller in the presence of numerous donors and VFMF members.

1997 The VFMF merges with the VF-Flab (Association of Flab Friends) to form the VFL (Association of the Friends of the Swiss Air Force).

Integration of antiaircraft items.

Dec. 1999 -
March 2000
Rearrangement of the exhibit for the interim period during construction of the new hall which will replace the old hangars.
April 2000 Opening of the interim exhibit in the main hall.

New opening in two large halls.

hanks to the donations of the Association of the Friends of the Swiss Air Force (VFL), the authorities, numerous companies as well as private sponsors, the museum can be continuously expanded. The Federal Government is responsible for maintaining the installation.
Great thanks are due all donors, the Board of Trustees and the Building Commission for their untiring efforts.

2003-2007 Characterized by various rearrangements of the exhibits and, as a big highlight in 2005, the startup of two simulators – first the P-3 Flight Simulator and then Europe's first civilian parachute simulator. In addition, a Boeing-737 Flight Simulator is added in 2007.

P-3 Simulator Cockpit

Para Simulator


B-737 Simulator

Gift Certificates

April 2008 The AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM receives the PRO AERO award for its exceptional performance within its specific field of military aviation.
March 2009 Reopening of the modified and extended Restaurant "Holding"
Summer 2010

Opening of the Mirage III Doppelsitzer flight simulator.

2011 75th anniversary of FLAB
2012 The entrance of the Museum gets a new plane: The old Vampire in exchange of the Tiger J-3013
2013 Planning Phase of “Museum World 2015“
2014 Implementation Begin of “New Museum World 2015”
2015 Successful Opening of “New Museum World“ on April 18, 2015
2016 747-300 «Airforce-one» Flight Simulator in the AFC starting 2017