Museums Crew

Our Crew

Where can the most knowledge on flying since its pioneer days be found? Of course, it is obviously found with former pilots and their assistants, men with first-hand experience in the air with these flying machines! In those days, countless adventures were to be had. The AVIATION MUSEUM is fortunate that today some of these men still offer their services to flying.

Guides, supervisory personnel, simulator instructors, workshop personnel, sponsors and archivists, and other people with special jobs - all give of their time and expertise voluntarily. These volunteers insure that the exhibit is and stays attractive. For the most part they have specific knowledge about the various items in the exhibits and their history and can competently answer the many questions which arise during the tour.

To insure that people visit the museum and that all organizational matters are professionally handled, there is a small innovative team of paid employees who, together with JU-AIR, work untiringly to implement new ideas and who are especially responsible for the profit side. This is not an easy task in a museum.