Opening special exhibition

"JU-AIR 1982 - 2018" and "Rescue operation on the Gauligletscher 1946"

The special exhibition on the exciting history of JU-AIR from 1982 - 2018 and the rescue operation on the Gauli Glacier has been taking place since Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Who does not know the traditional JU-AIR with the Ju-52 - also affectionately called "Aunt JU" by the Swiss population. Together with the visitors, the AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM would like to indulge in memories from April 24, 2021 and relive the eventful history of the Ju-52.

Sonder-Ausstellung im Flieger Flab Museum: «JU-AIR 1982 – 2018» und «Rettungsaktion am Gauligletscher 1946»

Rescue operation on the Gauligletscher

Another highlight in the new special exhibition is the presentation of the famous rescue operation of the Fieseler Stork A-97 on the Gauli Glacier in 1946, which is not considered to be the birth of mountain rescue by air for nothing.
In addition to the new special exhibition, aviator films can be admired all day long in Hall 2 on the large LED wall at the opening on April 24th and this offers an even more aviator atmosphere.