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The model flight symposium - once unfamiliar.

Model airplane in the Aviation Museum in Dübendorf

Swiss model pilots build large numbers of aircraft that are exhibited as originals in the Aviation Museum in Dübendorf. We want to bring originals and models together.


Saturday 12th December 2020

9 am - 5 pm

Your scale model next to the original

Aviation-Flab-Museum Dübendorf, Überlandstrasse 271, 8600 Dübendorf
There are currently around 30 aircraft on display in the Aviation Museum. The directory with the type designations should help the scale model pilot to decide whether he has a corresponding model and whether he would like to exhibit it in the museum for a whole day. Models that correspond to an original are placed immediately next to the original. Museum visitors can always look at both side by side as part of a guided tour or individually. A unique opportunity!


Corona-work show 2020

In addition to the scale exhibition next to the original aircraft, there will be an exhibition on the large event space in Hall 2 with models that were built during the Corona period - lockdown. Unfinished models are also welcome.


Flyer with details and Credentials
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Spectacular special exhibition in the AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM

Experience “Aunt Ju” and the “Gauli Glacier Rescue” up close

Spektakuläre Sonderausstellung im Flieger Flab Museum

In spring 2021, our AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM will be enriched with another attraction.


One of our JU-52s, the HB-HOP, will then be on display in Hall 8. As if you were floating through our magnificent mountains again with your old aunt - we would like to convey this lasting impression to you through our exhibition concept. At the same time, the fascinating history of JU-AIR from its birth in 1982 to the tragic accident in August 2018 will be traced and presented in the form of interesting panels.


A glittering world of snow and glaciers welcomes the visitor in the second part of the exhibition. The original Fieseler Storch A-97, which was involved in the legendary air rescue of the crew of an American Dakota C-53 that crashed on the Gauli Glacier in November 1946, can be viewed here. This highly spectacular story, which then went around the world, is presented in a memorable picture board form. These two attractions will be freely available to all visitors from April 2021 onwards.